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This Dojo (school) Patch is the personal patch of Mr. James Webster, Sr.
It recognize his style and his school which is;
Inside the Circle is a Triangle which has 3 corners and each corner represents three (3) things, and they are;

1. The Trinity of God

2. The Conflicts of Man;

3. It also ties together;
(b) DOJO

The Circle represents a two (2) fold meaning, which are:A continuous flow of karate knowledge and it has no ending or start point. The colors of RED, WHITE & BLUE represents the colors of our Nation, a Nation that is; OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

RED: represents FIRE (energy), a driving force in our lives. FIRE is very important in our lives, for without this FIRE, we would not exist. But it must be kept under control, hence the unbroken border of the Patch

WHITE: represents PURITY, which man must always strive for. It is peace, peace with GOD, peace with YOUR-SELF, peace with your FELLOW MAN. One will not co-exist without the other. In Karate, man's objective is to train his body, mind and soul, so he can be at peace with GOD, YOUR-SELF & YOUR FELLOW MAN.

BLUE: represents the endless wonders of Gods universe, for which there is no end. Man does not know where the universe ends. Karate knowledge is to taken the same way, because with an open mind, there is no end to the knowledge of Karate.

BLACK: represents strength. It is the same color of belt that the teacher wears. BLACK is earth from where we get our strength. From the cycle of black or darkness springs light (knowledge), life. The color BLACK also represents the neutralizing attitude force of man.

The 3 KANZI character's in the Patch are the same ones that was used by MASTER HOHAN SOKEN the founder of this system. They also are the same 3 character's that the great SOKON MATSUMURA used to call his system, "YOUNG FOREST STYLE" or “SHORIN-RYU”. The big “W” at the top represents the last name of your sensei, WEBSTER.

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