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Sensei Alessio Cortani

Italian Representative

Sensei Alessio Cortani - Via Lamarmora 299/d - Sanremo - Imperia - 18038 - Italy

I started to study Martial arts in my cityin the 1982 and for me it is a philosophy for my life like a real Samurai.
I have been studying Martial Arts with great passion and it is very important to me.
I'm studying and I am a teacher in;
American Kenpo 5th Degree
Wing Chun Sifu
Jujitsu 4th Degree
Matsumura Seito 4th Degree
Jkd full instructor
I want to have my mind open to 360 for every single style and system
like a real Martial Artist to study all techniques with the real Martial art spirit
I also have been a winner in some tournament

I'm very happy to be your representative instructor.
I will honor you and the Matsumura Seito Karate
I will have a web site soon. E-mail address is:

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